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Today: May 27, 2024


I have been training with Designer Body now for four years, and the amount of knowledge and confidence I have attained from them has been life-changing. They helped me achieve a much-needed 16 kilogram weight loss, and I am still in control of the weight loss due to knowing the measures I need to take in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Merinda and the other trainers are not about fad diets and starving yourself. Instead, they are amazing at providing support and motivation, and tailoring their program to suit each individual. I could not be where I am today without them, and I will be forever grateful!


I love my Designer Body family! I have had so much fun training with Merinda and her team. It's been almost two years and I enjoy it more and more each week. The boot camps, pilates and eight-week challenges are tough, but always fun. Merinda and Ivana are so easy to train with and really make an effort to make everyone feel welcome and part of the team. All fitness levels are catered for and any injuries are individually tailored to. My fitness has improved significantly, I have learnt about nutrition and I have lost weight. But more importantly, I have made some amazing friends that I genuinely look forward to training with. It really is a fantastic team and I would recommend it to anyone looking for fun, fitness, variety, results and friendships. I love it!


Since commencing pilates classes in February 2019, I have transformed my attitude towards health and fitness. Through Merinda's supportive and encouraging approach I have not only become stronger and fitter, but also more mindful of my body and nutrition. I have found pilates to be the perfect experience for me. It's challenging and ever changing, and allows me to push myself while still being low impact on my damaged knees. I can't thank Merinda and her team enough for the friendly and inclusive environment they've created at Designer Body Personal Training.


The team at Designer Body are fantastic! All the trainers are not only very experienced, they are also super supportive and very encouraging, and always go the extra mile to help you achieve your fitness goals. I love being able to train outdoors with others. The bootcamps are great fun and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.


I started with Designer Body in January 2019 feeling heavy, sluggish and unfit. I was reluctant and I thought everyone was so 'fit' and I would be judged. However, I was very wrong. I have lost 5 kilograms since I started and lots of centimetres. But more importantly, I have gained confidence and new friends. I am now addicted to going to my classes and am unhappy if I get caught and work and can't make it. Joining Designer Body was the best health and fitness decision I've made. If I have a bad day or feel stressed, all I need to do is get to the class where I am guaranteed a laugh and to finish the class with a clear head.


Lost 20kg


Lost 20kg


This time last year and through most of summer, these shorts fit me. I put these shorts on on Saturday, and I couldn't believe the difference. Straight in the goodwill bag! I knew I'd lost weight, but it wasn't until I put these on that I realised just how much I had lost. Especially when I lived in these so much earlier this year. I have learned so much – not only fitness-wise, but nutrition too, and I have managed to keep my weight off and even keep the scales going down slowly. Thank you so, so much for all your support. Look forward to the what the future holds!


I called Merinda at Designer Body wanting to lose weight and feel better about myself. Not being a big fan of exercise in general, but particularly not the gym scene, I knew I needed help to achieve my goal – a personal trainer was the perfect solution. What I found training with Ashlee was a tailored routine, outdoors at different locations. She thought about my likes and dislikes during sessions and ensured I worked hard while enjoying it as much as possible. I started with three one-hour sessions a week and followed the eating plan that she designed for me diligently. Ashlee supported me the entire way and never gave up on me... even when I felt I was in over my head. She taught me to enjoy exercise and kept me motivated. I have lost 25 kilograms in six months and am confident and happy again. Designer Body was the best decision I've ever made! I'm so glad to have met Ash and now look forward to our two weekly sessions to maintain my new body. Thank you Designer Body!

Darren and Dee

My wife Dee wanted to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, and at 140 kilograms myself, I knew I had to make a big difference to my weight, health and fitness or risk serious health issues in the near future. After a number of failed attempts to achieve this ourselves, we decided to call Merinda for help. The flexibility and convenience of having personal training done in our own home, both of us training together, and with our two-year-old daughter running around, left us no excuses. So Merinda assigned Grant to us for two evenings a week. Dee had a target of a 25 kilogram loss. I had a target of just over 40 kilograms. Grant tailored a food and exercise plan for us to follow. It was uncomplicated and easy to fit into our lifestyle, and has since become part of our everyday way of life. Grant's training sessions have been fantastic, and even at the start – despite being so overweight and unfit – they were done in a way that kept us encouraged and motivated, rather than feeling we had such a long way to go. Apart from the training and diet plan, what has helped us achieve the results we have is the bond we have with Grant. He feels like part of the family. So, despite the hard training sessions he puts us through, we've always looked forward to him coming. Our daughter also looks forward to seeing him, and he 'babysits' her so well during our training, we are left with no excuse for a break. I have now hit my target weight, having lost 41 kilograms and 118 centimetres. Its been nearly 25 years since I was the weight I am now and I have never felt this healthy and fit. Dee is close to her target weight. She's lost 20 kilograms and 75 centimetres. However these targets have only been just that – something to aim for. In reality, since starting with Grant we have both felt the benefits week-by-week. To put it simply, Grant has had a tremendous impact on our lives. Thank you, Grant.


I started boot camp and personal training with Designer Body in August 2011 because I wanted to lose weight for my wedding. Merinda helped me achieve my goal of losing 10 kilograms by doing one-on-one hour-long personal training sessions weekly and participating in boot camp three to fours times a week. Not only did I achieved my goal in the way I look and how I wanted to look on my special day, but I also made lots of great friends at boot camp who have helped me stay motivated, focused and made exercising more enjoyable.


Hi, I am Sandra and I am 58 years old. The past few years I have been suffering with a lot of pain throughout my body due to arthritis, osteoporosis and being overweight. I kept on thinking, "I have to do something about this", but nothing seemed to be happening. I just could not get motivated. I happened to be talking to my neighbour about it and she told me how much better she felt from doing two sessions of pilates a week with her fitness trainer. So, I thought I would give it a go as well. At first it was tough, but having Merinda supervise me with the proper technique, to my surprise I started to feel better within a few weeks. My lower back pain and core strength was improving, and my energy levels were higher. As my fitness level improved, Merinda suggested that I should do some cardio work with her which would really help with my weight loss, health and general wellbeing. I found it very hard at first, but like the pilates, my fitness levels improved so much so that my husband decided to do the work out with me. Having Merinda supervise us, teaching us the proper techniques, gave us the confidence to push ourselves that little bit harder. I have now lost 12 kilograms. I feel so much happier and more confident now that I have lost weight, become fitter and am not suffering from the pain that I used to. I now do two pilates sessions a week and a cardio workout with my husband for an hour a week. Having Merinda as my fitness trainer motivates me to do my best, which makes me feel good and confident to keep going.


I joined Designer Body boot camps at the start of 2009 with the aim of increasing my general strength and fitness and to also help with fitness levels for playing soccer. I have continued to train with Merinda one to two nights a week since then, and have enjoyed it so much that it is just now a normal part of my week. One of the reasons being that there is always a variety of exercises each week and even different venues, which keeps the boot camps fun and challenging, so I always look forward to my boot camp nights. Since I've been attending, I've seen people join of all ages and fitness levels, and Merinda really ensures that everyone feels welcome and part of the group. She even adjusts the program for those who might not be able to do each excercise, which really ensures that everyone benefits from the class. In my case, as my fitness levels increased, Merinda ensured my exercises matched my level of fitness, for which I’m now reaping the benefits, and I can now honestly say that my fitness levels and strength have never been so good. Thanks Merinda. Love your work!

Lauren and Matt

My husband and I started boot camp two months before our wedding and lost a combined eight kilograms. We both still do boot camp now once a week and still really enjoy the classes Merinda teaches.


Sarah lost five kilograms in four weeks participating in boot camp classes and following nutritional advice.

Ross and Marissa

Ross and Marissa lost a combined 15 kilograms before their wedding.

Family loses 89 kilograms

Trudi wanted to lose weight and improve her general health and wellbeing. Having high expectations of herself, and not seeing the results she desperately wanted after two weeks, she was ready to quit. Deciding that this was no longer an option, she dedicated at least two hours per week to her training, and in a little over 12 months she lost 32 kilograms (36 ½ per cent of her body weight). She has now maintained it for over 12months and finds she now misses exercising when she’s unable to do it. Warren underwent a knee replacement and needed to lose weight in order to aid rehabilitation and prolong the timeframe in which he would need to have the other knee replaced. Having seen the results Trudi was getting, he started training with a number of restrictions. Having lost 30 kilograms in 24 months, he continues to maintain his weight loss with fewer restrictions to his training. Lynn decided it was time she started losing weight to help manage her back and knee conditions, and also started with restrictions to her activities. In 12 months, Lynn lost a total of 15 kilograms. She has also reduced the restrictions on her training and is now doing things she never thought she could. Kristy wanted to improve her fitness and lose weight in general. She lost 12 kilograms, and continues to maintain this taking the combined weight loss for the family to 89 kilograms.