Feedback from our valued clients

Today: July 02, 2022


I have been training with Design Body now for four years, and the amount of knowledge and confidence I have attained from them has been life-changing. They helped me achieve a much-needed 16 kilogram weight loss, and I am still in control of the weight loss due to knowing the measures I need to take in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Merinda and the other trainers are not about fad diets and starving yourself. Instead, they are amazing at providing support and motivation, and tailoring their program to suit each individual. I could not be where I am today without them, and I will be forever grateful!


I love my Designer Body family! I have had so much fun training with Merinda and her team. It's been almost two years and I enjoy it more and more each week. The boot camps, pilates and eight-week challenges are tough, but always fun. Merinda and Ivana are so easy to train with and really make an effort to make everyone feel welcome and part of the team. All fitness levels are catered for and any injuries are individually tailored to. My fitness has improved significantly, I have learnt about nutrition and I have lost weight. But more importantly, I have made some amazing friends that I genuinely look forward to training with. It really is a fantastic team and I would recommend it to anyone looking for fun, fitness, variety, results and friendships. I love it!


Since commencing pilates classes in February 2019, I have transformed my attitude towards health and fitness. Through Merinda's supportive and encouraging approach I have not only become stronger and fitter, but also more mindful of my body and nutrition. I have found pilates to be the perfect experience for me. It's challenging and ever changing, and allows me to push myself while still being low impact on my damaged knees. I can't thank Merinda and her team enough for the friendly and inclusive environment they've created at Designer Body Personal Training.


The team at Designer Body are fantastic! All the trainers are not only very experienced, they are also super supportive and very encouraging, and always go the extra mile to help you achieve your fitness goals. I love being able to train outdoors with others. The bootcamps are great fun and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.


I started with Designer Body in January 2019 feeling heavy, sluggish and unfit. I was reluctant and I thought everyone was so 'fit' and I would be judged. However, I was very wrong. I have lost 5 kilograms since I started and lots of centimetres. But more importantly, I have gained confidence and new friends. I am now addicted to going to my classes and am unhappy if I get caught and work and can't make it. Joining Designer Body was the best health and fitness decision I've made. If I have a bad day or feel stressed, all I need to do is get to the class where I am guaranteed a laugh and to finish the class with a clear head.


Lost 20kg


Lost 20kg


This time last year and through most of summer, these shorts fit me. I put these shorts on on Saturday, and I couldn't believe the difference. Straight in the goodwill bag! I knew I'd lost weight, but it wasn't until I put these on that I realised just how much I had lost. Especially when I lived in these so much earlier this year. I have learned so much – not only fitness-wise, but nutrition too, and I have managed to keep my weight off and even keep the scales going down slowly. Thank you so, so much for all your support. Look forward to the what the future holds!