Mums and Bub's

Today: November 15, 2018

Our child/pram friendly classes are held at Jamison Park Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9.30am.

These classes only differ from our other boot camp sessions as we have made them more convenient for Mum's or Dad's wanting to bring their babies/children with them to their sessions.

We will always train in the shade, there is a sheltered wet weather option and there is plenty of room for kids to play safely away from the road.

Come and try one of our child/pram friendly classes for free. You will receive a great workout and your children will have a great time playing with new friends!

We have children aging from 6 weeks old up to 5 years old and school age children in the school holidays.


Designer Body's 'Mum's and Bub's' classes are amazing!! You will feel like you have joined a family! All three instructors are very likable and push you to your full potential and then further! All sorts of people of all sorts of ages participate in the classes-and the sessions are constantly changing.

Lots of weight lost challenges happen throughout the year which make it very motivating as they also include food plans, plus you make lots of amazing friends! My two kids have always come along with me from age 6 weeks, and it gives them a chance to be active too. They are now aged nearly 4years and 2years.

Plus they make friends with other little kids there too. Each session is challenging but you always walk away feeling great about yourself!! Couldn't recommend it anymore :) Especially to new mothers. I had gained extra weight after having my first child, as I was awake constantly trying to feed him and settle him...all those snacks added on the kilos!

Coming to the Mum's and Bub's classes allowed me to tone all those areas, remain active, shed some kilos and just feel more positive!! I also get a kick out of watching new clients come and transform slowly. I see their attitude about life change and they become a much more confident and energetic person.

Jocelyn Bartuccio