Today: August 12, 2020

Hi, I am Sandra and I am 58 years old

The past few years I have been suffering with a lot of pain throughout my body, due to arthritis, osteoporosis and being overweight. I kept on thinking, I have to do something about this but nothing seemed to be happening, I just could not get motivated.

I happened to be talking to my neighbour about it and she told me how much better she felt from doing two sessions of Pilates a week with her fitness trainer, so I thought I would give it a go as well. At first it was tough, but having Merinda supervise me with the proper technique, I started to feel better within a few weeks to my surprise. My lower back pain and core strength was improving and my energy levels were higher.

As my fitness level improved, Merinda suggested that I should do some cardio work with her which would really help with my weight loss, health and general wellbeing, which I found very hard at first but like the pilates, my fitness levels improved so much so that my husband decided to do the work out with me. Having Merinda supervise us, teaching us the proper techniques, gives us the confidence to push ourselves that little bit harder.

Since January I have lost twelve kilos, I feel so much happier and confident that I have lost weight, become fitter and not suffering from the pain that I used to. At present I am doing two pilates sessions a week and a cardio workout with my husband for an hour a week.
Having Merinda as my fitness trainer motivates me to do my best, which makes me feel good and confident to keep going.