Mark Hennessy

Today: August 12, 2020

I joined Designer Body boot camps at the start of 2009 with the aim of increasing my general strength and fitness and to also help with fitness levels for playing soccer." I have continued to train with Merinda 1 -2 nights a week since then and have enjoyed it so much that it is just now a normal part of my week. One of the reasons being that there is always a variety of exercises’ each week and even different venues which keeps the boot camps fun and challenging, so I always look forward to my boot camp nights.

Over this time I have seen people join of all various ages and fitness levels and Merinda really ensures that everyone feels welcome and part of the group and even adjusts the program for those that might not be able to do each excercise, which really ensures that everyone benefits from the class. In my case, as my fitness levels increased Merinda ensured my excercises matched my level of fitness which I’m now reaping the benefits, and I can now honestly say that my fitness levels and strength have never been so good.

Thanks Merinda love your work !!

Mark Hennessy.

Cambridge Park