Darren and Dee

Today: August 12, 2020

My wife Dee wanted to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, and at 140kg I knew I had to make a big difference to my weight, health and fitness or risk serious health issues in the near future. After a number of failed attempts to achieve this ourselves we decided to call Merinda for help. The flexibility and convenience of having personal training done in our own home, both of us training together, and with our two year-old daughter running around, left us no excuses. So Merinda assigned Grant to us for two evenings a week. Dee had a target of 25kg loss, I had a target of just over 40kg loss.

Grant tailored a food and exercise plan for us to follow, it was uncomplicated and easy to fit into our lifestyle, and has since become part of our everyday way of life. Grant's training sessions have been fantastic, and even at the start, despite being so overweight and unfit, they were done in a way that kept us encouraged and motivated, rather than feeling we had such a long way to go.

Apart from the training and diet plan, what has helped us achieve the results we have is the bond we have with Grant. He feels like part of the family, so despite the hard training sessions he puts us through, we've always looked forward to him coming. Our daughter also looks forward to seeing him, and he "baby sits" her so well during our training we are left with no excuse for a break.

I have now hit my target weight having lost 41 kg and 118cm. Its been nearly 25 years since I was the weight I am now and I have never felt this healthy and fit. Dee is close to her target weight, she's lost 20kg and 75cm. However these targets have only been just that, something to aim for, in reality since starting with Grant we have both felt the benefits week-by-week.

To put it simply, Grant has had a tremendous impact on our lives. Thank you Grant.

Darren and Dee
Glenmore Park