We’re now well and truly into the New Year...

Today: August 12, 2020

We’re now well and truly into the New Year...I hope you had a lovely Christmas break celebrating with family and friends.

With a New Year, comes New Year’s resolutions. If your resolution is to improve your health and fitness then read on and learn how to put your New Year’s resolution into action.

1. Set measurable and realistic goals: If your goal is to lose weight/body fat then you need to set a realistic target. Anywhere form 0.5kg-1kg per week is a safe and achievable goal. People who lose weight at this pace are more likely to maintain their weight loss results long term. To ensure you’re able to measure your results be sure to do a body assessment (weigh in and measurements) so you can track your progress and stay motivated.

2. Make a plan: This can be as simple as writing a shopping list, ensuring you prepare your nutrition for the coming week or scheduling a workout with a friend or personal trainer. All these simple things will ensure you stay on track to achieving your important goals.

We’ve had plenty of clients reach and maintain their health and fitness goals with our help. We include food plans with our group classes and all goal setting and monitoring.

So to get yourself on the right track call me today so we can design a personalised program for you.

Make 2015 your fittest, strongest and healthiest year yet!!


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