3 simple tips to help you smash your new year goal

Today: July 02, 2022

If your new year goals include improving your health and fitness, or weight loss, then these three top tips will help you get there!

Make training a priority

So often people place their training sessions at the bottom of their priority list. "Something else came up", "It’s raining" and "It’s too hot" are all things I hear from those that are not achieving their goals. I understand it’s not always easy to get to your sessions, but you must make it a priority.

I always ask my clients to plan out what group sessions they’ll be attending that week, and encourage them to stick to it. Think of it as a specialist appointment – you wouldn’t cancel that, and you shouldn’t prioritise other things above your health and happiness. It’s so important to look after yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup!

Plan ahead

It sounds simple but it makes a huge difference. At the start of each week, plan out the meals and snacks you're going to consume that week. We recommend three main meals and two snacks each day. Write a grocery list and ensure you have everything you need to stick to your plan. If you’re not sure what you should be eating to achieve your goals, we can help you.

Do something you enjoy and surround yourself with supportive people

Finding something you love will make achieving your health and fitness goals so much easier. All our group sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and filled with supportive people that will be just as happy as you are when you achieve your goals. We offer a free seven day trial and are confident you’ll love our group classes, PT sessions, nutritional advice and the supportive community of trainers and clients. Please comment below if you’d like to book in for your free trial.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019. 😁😁😁

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